Thursday, 12 January 2012

Entry #1 - The start of something new.

A new chapter in  my little novel, my new abode isn't perfect but it'll do.

Hello, my name is Juniper or so I beleive, seeing as I was adopted at the ages of two, I'm what you call a 'rubbish bin kid' since I was literally left in a bin by my birth parents shortly after I was born. 
I've learnt over the years to forgive them for abandoning me and have since left my home town Gotham village to move to Pleasant View to search for my birth parents, I don't know what will come of it but one day I just hope by being here I can answer the question I've been wanting an answer for all my life...Why? 

First venture out, doesn't it look pretty? 

Sorry for that outburst, I get a bit intense sometimes. I'll tell you a little about myself: From the conflict of the adoption I'm pretty mean-spirited in the way I can act sometimes due to me being dragged through the foster system (from time to time literally) but this has given me a rebellious streak in which I will always be proud of. Now, enough about me maybe I should start investigating...

Just scouting the local neighbourhood. 

If I'm gonna find out who my birth parents are I'm going to have to start getting friendly with the neigbhours, maybe even flirt a little to get into their good books.It's against my nature to be this friendly and its almost making me feel ill but by being on the local grape vine and having links in the criminal underground(I found the gig in the local newspaper, sounds very dodgy but I'll do anything to find out the truth).

..He seems like the type of guy who knows a thing or two.
A fight on my first day? Not much of a surprise knowing me.

The neighbhours seem nice enough but that girl terry...heather...oh I'm terrible with names, is starting to really struck a nerve and I just explode at her, I think I'm directing all my hate and anger over the past five years at her. Though luckily we make up and I don't get thrown out. 
Me and the bitch making up...isn't it sweet? 
Mirror, mirror on the wall....WHERE IS MY DAMN PARENTS?

Do you think I'm beautiful..? I do, I need to preen myself every time I pass by a mirror, sorry for my snobishness but its one of my terrible personality traits. I notice Xander is pretty into me and having a relationship in this town could be an advantage. 

A book...about hammers, how exciting!!

I come back to my cramped apartment and brood as I read a book about D.I.Y (I know, boring but if I'm going to live on my own I might as well learn a few skills). This day has been uneventful but I'm sure by the end of this week I'll finish at least one page in the novel which is my life. 

Maybe it was something I ate?

I always awaken with the same thoughts, the same memories. They're blurry but I can see my mother and my father, my mother has fair hair I can see it sparkle in the summer sun shine. All I can see is her smile and her warm arms touching me, I reach out to touch her but the image fades and I snap back to my harsh reality.

It does look a bit like potato head...

A baby, a beautiful...Ok, not that beautiful but its cute I suppose. Though still a baby! Its like an omen met me in the street on my way to work , I know my the truth behind my parents lay here...I can just feel it. 
The funny thing is...I didn't even have to use the hand scanner.

Finally out of that horrendous place I now have to call 'work' but who would of guessed own little flirt Xander is a criminal too. This "relationship" of ours could turn better out then expected! 

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  1. Nice point of view, almost like a diary.
    You seem to have got her traits down to a pinch already.
    Good work. Post it on the forum though. You'll get more feedback.