Friday, 27 January 2012

Entry #3 - Making my own way.

So, sadly I have to start this day doing petty errands for a 'friend' at work in which I have to fix her crappy T.V (she might as well take it to the junk yard). Though I need the money right now, this criminal lifestyle really isn't bringing in much. 

My 'lover' comes around and of course instead of even saying hello to me, he seems more interested in my empty nursery then me. I guess he's a bit childlike in that sense which seems to be he most obvious flaw. 

We finally get down to business and he gives me those puppy dog eyes, but I keep thinking that he's using me just for sex. I should really stop being so paranoid. 

I finally quit work, the cons were on a way longer list than the pros for this job and the stress was far too much to bear. Though I eventually put one middle finger up to the man!

I try and think of what do with myself and start reading about Sherlock Holmes. The idea hits me like a strike of lightning! I'll become a private detective...and when people give me cases maybe it will bring me one step closer to finding my parents!

Unluckily my first case is that fucking twat Xander, who found thought he could insult me and get away with it. Though he got his comeuppance and he's come snivelling to me to help solve his case. Apparently he some how got himself involved with a fifteen year old and wants me to clear his name, before he becomes a sex criminal. I almost admire this girl for her devious ways, but money is money and I certainly need it. 

  I decide to help clear his name I would hack onto the governments database, but first I would need some info from the judges house. The mail is clean so I turn to dirtier methods...

I finally found a username and password,but then the worst happens...

I see a police officer out the corner of my eye...obviously the judge's family was having a little get together!

So I dash out their as quickly as possible, after a while I hear no sirens or no overhead helicopters, so I guess I'm safe.

I hack onto the government data base like a pro, and in and instant Xander's name is cleared and he free to trample over young girls once more. 

So my 'lover' decides to invite me to a swim wear party...HE HASN'T GOT A POOL. I guess he just wanted to perv on me and the other girls in our bikini's. We drink we laugh and have a good time, but the most memorable thing is this happening: 

One of the Goth clan pass out from drinking too much and falls flat out on the living room floor. To me and Henry this is hilarious..I can see how we get on so much. 

Side note: On my random challenges was to have five kids..that isn't going so well. I guess we'll see next time. 

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  1. Cool chapter, don't worry she has plenty of time to make babies :) but you had better get started on that soon.