Thursday, 23 February 2012

Entry #8 - Boom, boom, blam!

Started preparing a Birthday meal for the soon to be arriving guests. It was going to a be a joint party between Connor and VJ and there should be a lot of people coming. I really want to make this special since Connor hasn't had the best of upbringings and I saved a bit of money so that he could have a nice cake. I just hope this house is big enough to fit all these people. 

It seemed Connor didn't want to wait for his cake and instead he shot up in the air with a trail of magical sparkles following him. He twirled and the air and ended up looking a bit older...

...but not wiser. To be honest Connor looked at bit confused, I would even go as far enough to say he looked insane. Maybe I would have to get the boy tested.

The guest started to arrive and the most awkward moment occurred. Connor Frio who I was trying to woo and VJ my current lover came at the same time. Even though they didn't know each other I could feel the tension between them. I was going to have to provide a distraction to split them up.

The perfect distraction, me in labour. The pains were worse than with Connor, the baby felt like it was giant. I was in immense pain and VJ was here to help me through it so it wont be that bad right?

Typical, I'm having the most important moment of my life and half the party is not paying attention to me. Instead their celebrating another year in the life of someone who can't even help his pregnant girlfriend in labour. I keep on wondering what I'm doing with this guy, but something about him keeps pulling me in. 

He grew into an elder with grace. Luckily even with grey hair his still retained his punk look.  


And out it popped. A glorious little parcel sent from above, I felt love for her immediately. 

What the actual fuck? I felt pains again, maybe this was the after-birth coming out. 

This definitely was no placenta, to both me and VJ this was a complete surprise. 
Two perfect children, both a boy and a girl. I decided to name the girl Pinny and the boy Zane.
But my god, two children! Two! One was enough but two more was just more than I can handle. 

Nice to see that VJ is maturing. *Sigh. If he doesn't start pulling his weight, I'm going to drop him.

Challenge notes:- Three kids, two more to go!


Saturday, 18 February 2012

Entry #7 - Proof.

The changes had come again, the periods had stopped and the morning sickness was back again. I also felt the strange urge to eat both salad and ice-cream together. So it was obvious that I was pregnant again. I wasn't sure how I felt about being pregnant again. I was happy with the setup I had now: Me, Connor and his Dad living just across the road from us. I just hope this little bundle wouldn't change anything too much.

I finally got VJ to have a mature conversation with me, (this is normally an impossible task). I asked him how he felt about having another child. I could tell immediately that he was very put off by the idea, almost disgusted. I felt like flipping over the table and strangling his throat right there and then. Though I think my hormones countered by normally mean spirited nature and I felt really calm and collected. 

I was really excited about this baby, so I persuaded VJ to take some model shots of me before I started to gain weight. I tried to go for more a mumsy look since I was getting a little older, though I had still had that rebellious streak so I left my nose ring in. 

A few months after the conversation about babies with VJ, I couldn't keep the secret any longer and blurted out that I was pregnant. VJ being VJ the only thing he could reply with was that he wondered why I looked so fat and bloated, but overall he was quite happy. 

I was surprised to see one of the Frio brothers walk into my house. I knew Connor's brother Jared liked to spread his seed, but this one was a bit more reserved. It seemed he came round specifically to tell about his new job promotion and to gossip about one of my only friends Claire Ursine. Though I decided to turn the conversation to something more interesting..

...unfortunately I found out the hard way that he was a very unflirty guy and that bagging him would would take a long time to since he probably needed some sort of trust before I got him in the sack.

Being preggers still meant I needed money, and the cases seemed to come in thick and fast. The mayor  had a very fickle case which involved petty theft. To be honest I didn't care who stole his lucky underwear but this was a perfect chance for me to get some info on my parents. As soon I mentioned the Juniper name he went ballistic...

I remember his exact words: "Never mention that name again!" He told me with rage and fury in my eyes that I should never investigate this subject again and to make sure of it he would strip me of my investigatory license. To go a step further he would spread a few rumours around town to make sure my name would forever be disgraced as a poor investigator. 

To some this may seen as a massive blow, but finally I had proof that the there was more to my parents story then I had previously thought. Now that I knew this I would not stop until I found out the truth. 

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Entry #6 - Growing up.

For some reason, little Connor was obessed with Llamas and when I finally taught him the basics of language, that's all he ever seemed to talk about. Maybe one day I'll buy him one.

Connor loved playing with his space rocket and doing what boy toddlers usually do. I hope he doesn't grow up with the same kind of attributes as me, since being as mean spirited as me normally means ending up with a lot of enemies and not a whole lot of friends. 

From out of know where a Gnome popped out from the toy box and stood there as proud as a button. As quickly as he came he disappeared, this shocked both me and Connor but he quickly resumed playing soon afterwards.  

What Connor did start playing with was a strange but quirky looking toy from his Aunt Patsie. He couldn't get enough of it and we decided to name it Penolope from the Old T.V program: Thunderbirds. He even started singing to it which I thought was really cute.

On a new case, it was horrible leaving Connor with a strange babysitter but I have to make some money since his Dad wont give me a damn penny. I met this nice guy who wasn't to bad looking, he wanted me to hack into his daughters computer since she had become closed off recently. I though that was a bit too snoopy but he seemed nice enough. 

I didn't even have to teach him! He just started walking and I encouraged him along the way.  I'm so lucky to be able to spend these moments with my son, especially when my parents couldn't.

Also I decided to change up my hairstyle a bit. My horoscope said that a change in my life was needed, so this is the small but effective change I've made. 

And BOOM! Its back to black, I really like it. Do you? 

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Entry #5 - Evolution.

I went to sleep happy with the knowledge that I finally had a family. Even though I hadn't found my parents, it was almost as if that desire had been pushed aside by another. My desire to be a caring and loving mother to my child. 

With my baby in my arms I finally felt like I've achieved true happiness. 
This moment couldn't of been improved in any way. 

I fed him..

...played with him..

...and held where ever I went...

...and fed him again, damn this baby was greedy.

Even though I felt extremely protective of him. I took him out for a midnight stroll. Connor gurgled and laughed while he saw the world for the first time. He flailed and wiggled his chubby arms and legs in the air and I couldn't help myself from smiling as I slowly walked around the block. 

It was literally a week after I had my baby and people we're already asking me to solve their cases! The people in their town are just ridiculous, this girl is lucky she hasn't got a hot red mark across her face. Luckily my child was with me and I didn't want him to be affected by my aggression. 

Two days later, it was Connor's birthday. He finally reached child stage. I was a bit sad since, I wouldn't be able to swaddle him or pick him up with such ease. Though I'm glad I get to see how evolves and grows, hopefully his dad will too. 

I watched in pure amazement as a strange but wonderful transformation happened before my eyes. I'll probably understand it, but when us Sims age up magical sparkles float around us. 

After all that excitement, I really needed a drink. VJ (Connor's father) probably put too much alcohol in it. He's slightly childish and he always does silly things like this. I hope he's more mature with our son.

Now at his age he was eating even more food, I hope this doesn't carry on.

I bought Connor some new toys, such a castle oven and a costume box. I decide that connor is ready to be taught a few basic words. He seems to be able to pick it up at a very fast pace. I tried to make him say "mummy" at first, he kept saying "Mama" then quickly went to "mummy".  I had a secret desire for Connor to grow up as a genius, but I knew that would take a lot of time and effort. 

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Entry #4 - Package sent from above.

After the party he whispers into my ear and asks me to stay over.  I gladly accept.

I didn't realise we was going to be sleeping in separate rooms, therefore I went to bed without any 'sugar'. Some how I managed to fall asleep even though this crazy Sim started to play the drums at 3'oclock in the morning. 

We talked about marriage and what our  opinions were about the subject, we both decided we would go slow and would decide what we're going to do in the future. 

Went out for a meal, I'm wondering if my punk rocker is insane, seeing as he's having a pie for the main course. 

We talked about children, and he convinced me that we were both ready. I wasn't too sure but he has a way of getting to me. 

The next day I woke up feeling nauseous and ended up vomiting in the toilet. I have no idea what's going on with me at the moment, but I feel sort of different. 

Somehow my hacking skills were so pro, that I broke the computer...the other explanation may be that I spilt my drink on the computer but lets move on. 

Being in a relationship and gaining a boyfriend didn't mean I forgot my main purpose of coming to this town. While at the library I picked up a book on the history of River Town so I could gather more clues. 

My suspicions were right, and I found out that I was pregnant. It has come as a big shock to me, but I feel sort of complete like a hole in my life has been filled. 

The cravings have already started! Apples are now the only thing I eat, I hope this baby like 'em.

I wanted to be responsible so I decided to read a pregnancy book. To be honest it was a load of hippy rubbish but I suppose it wouldn't do any harm to try any of the things is recommended.

We cuddled on the benches and I finally revealed that I was carrying his child. 

He was really excited by the news and said that'll he be there for me all the way. I'm so overwhelmed by emotions right now, I don't think anything could make me unhappy.

Except this woman. Somehow she thinks its ok to come up to me and feel my stomach. 

For some reason my hormones go into overdrive and I kick over my neighbours bin.  I hope the child doesn't grow up to be as hot-headed as me.

More pregnancy book reading. 

On my way to the supermarket, when my waters break. The guy behind me starts screaming in panic. By the sound of it, he looks like he's in labour not me. 

The birth went without fault and the father was right beside me at all times. I have no idea what to call this baby, but it needs to be something unique and special. 

"Connor" I whispered as I said good night to my beloved son.