Saturday, 14 January 2012

Entry #2 - Sorting out my mess of a life.

You've probably noticed I had a bit of a wardrobe change, I feel compelled to change my look quite often.

So he introduces himself to me and I start my usual banter and it goes really well at first but then when the question of his relationship status crops up, it all goes pear-shaped. 

A sweat stain, how lovely. 

The total meat head! He just had to married and he shows no interest in breaking his vows, so as you can see I turn very sour at this point and decide to leave the situation. I just don't need any further drama in my life.  

I wish that octopus toy would come alive and gobble him up.

Gone! Just like that. I know it's a bit creepy already having a nursery before your pregnant, but I'm a rebel and can do what I want. How could that heartless man just walk into my home and steal my future babies pram like that? I don't know what he was thinking but I will get my revenge. I know I should of paid my bills, but I'm forgetfull and they should of given me more warning. Damn government and their status quo!

Sweet kitty, softy kitty, little ball of fur....

I want that kitty! Oh sorry for the outburst, but I've been sucking up to the boss at work which has put me in a really bad mood, the shopping channel is the only fun thing left in my life at the moment. I really need to get laid. 

Shame I couldn't get in their with him..

Really need to get a new shower, these repairs are going to add up. Though not everything in my life can be bought or replaced my life needs fixing too..I neede something to replace this hole in my life.

Let the neighbours stare, they're just jealous.

One aspect of my life I can fix is the financial upkeep, which is why I'm paying my bills this week. Also I could try a bit harder at worker, but for some reason I know as soon as I start progressing in my career I'm going to want to switch jobs.

This is me trying to put the extra effort into work.
Call the fashion police! Cowboy hat spotted. 
I don't know what it is about Leighton but he really gets my ticker racing, I also suspect like Xander he some how connected to my birth parents. Though he's a bit of a celeb now so I guess I have to try really hard to impress him.

I'm come for fine dining and get a cheese burger, it better be gourmet.

The perfect night: Great food, great atomosphere and great service, but there's still something parents. Even a date would be an ample substitute at this point. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

It's starts off good. 

Then he starts pissing me off.

He ends up crying like a little girl.

Like a ray of sunshine, he comes shining knight. We start talking and he brightens up my day. Though I find out he's hot headed similar to my qualities and we clash. We even get physical and not in the good way. Well I suppose that sets me and Xander up as enemies..there must someone else I can relate to in this town.

Punk rock + Lab geek! I like :D

My lips were trembling.

And BAM!...right out of nowhere I meet this punk rocker dude. We're similar in so many ways and we start hitting it off straight away, eventually the night ends in a kiss and I'm completely swept off my feet. Seems like this night wasn't a total disaster. 

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