Sunday, 5 February 2012

Entry #4 - Package sent from above.

After the party he whispers into my ear and asks me to stay over.  I gladly accept.

I didn't realise we was going to be sleeping in separate rooms, therefore I went to bed without any 'sugar'. Some how I managed to fall asleep even though this crazy Sim started to play the drums at 3'oclock in the morning. 

We talked about marriage and what our  opinions were about the subject, we both decided we would go slow and would decide what we're going to do in the future. 

Went out for a meal, I'm wondering if my punk rocker is insane, seeing as he's having a pie for the main course. 

We talked about children, and he convinced me that we were both ready. I wasn't too sure but he has a way of getting to me. 

The next day I woke up feeling nauseous and ended up vomiting in the toilet. I have no idea what's going on with me at the moment, but I feel sort of different. 

Somehow my hacking skills were so pro, that I broke the computer...the other explanation may be that I spilt my drink on the computer but lets move on. 

Being in a relationship and gaining a boyfriend didn't mean I forgot my main purpose of coming to this town. While at the library I picked up a book on the history of River Town so I could gather more clues. 

My suspicions were right, and I found out that I was pregnant. It has come as a big shock to me, but I feel sort of complete like a hole in my life has been filled. 

The cravings have already started! Apples are now the only thing I eat, I hope this baby like 'em.

I wanted to be responsible so I decided to read a pregnancy book. To be honest it was a load of hippy rubbish but I suppose it wouldn't do any harm to try any of the things is recommended.

We cuddled on the benches and I finally revealed that I was carrying his child. 

He was really excited by the news and said that'll he be there for me all the way. I'm so overwhelmed by emotions right now, I don't think anything could make me unhappy.

Except this woman. Somehow she thinks its ok to come up to me and feel my stomach. 

For some reason my hormones go into overdrive and I kick over my neighbours bin.  I hope the child doesn't grow up to be as hot-headed as me.

More pregnancy book reading. 

On my way to the supermarket, when my waters break. The guy behind me starts screaming in panic. By the sound of it, he looks like he's in labour not me. 

The birth went without fault and the father was right beside me at all times. I have no idea what to call this baby, but it needs to be something unique and special. 

"Connor" I whispered as I said good night to my beloved son.


  1. Nice chapter, what;s with the change in hair colour...I wonder whether Connor will get her purple hair or her red hair...or will he get his Dad's hair? I can't wait to see what this kid turns out like XD

  2. I had the fashion diva as the extra challenge. I'd thought I change her hair colour, will probably change by next week.

  3. Interesting story! I'm anxious to find out if she will ever find her parents. I look forward to that reunion!