Saturday, 18 February 2012

Entry #7 - Proof.

The changes had come again, the periods had stopped and the morning sickness was back again. I also felt the strange urge to eat both salad and ice-cream together. So it was obvious that I was pregnant again. I wasn't sure how I felt about being pregnant again. I was happy with the setup I had now: Me, Connor and his Dad living just across the road from us. I just hope this little bundle wouldn't change anything too much.

I finally got VJ to have a mature conversation with me, (this is normally an impossible task). I asked him how he felt about having another child. I could tell immediately that he was very put off by the idea, almost disgusted. I felt like flipping over the table and strangling his throat right there and then. Though I think my hormones countered by normally mean spirited nature and I felt really calm and collected. 

I was really excited about this baby, so I persuaded VJ to take some model shots of me before I started to gain weight. I tried to go for more a mumsy look since I was getting a little older, though I had still had that rebellious streak so I left my nose ring in. 

A few months after the conversation about babies with VJ, I couldn't keep the secret any longer and blurted out that I was pregnant. VJ being VJ the only thing he could reply with was that he wondered why I looked so fat and bloated, but overall he was quite happy. 

I was surprised to see one of the Frio brothers walk into my house. I knew Connor's brother Jared liked to spread his seed, but this one was a bit more reserved. It seemed he came round specifically to tell about his new job promotion and to gossip about one of my only friends Claire Ursine. Though I decided to turn the conversation to something more interesting..

...unfortunately I found out the hard way that he was a very unflirty guy and that bagging him would would take a long time to since he probably needed some sort of trust before I got him in the sack.

Being preggers still meant I needed money, and the cases seemed to come in thick and fast. The mayor  had a very fickle case which involved petty theft. To be honest I didn't care who stole his lucky underwear but this was a perfect chance for me to get some info on my parents. As soon I mentioned the Juniper name he went ballistic...

I remember his exact words: "Never mention that name again!" He told me with rage and fury in my eyes that I should never investigate this subject again and to make sure of it he would strip me of my investigatory license. To go a step further he would spread a few rumours around town to make sure my name would forever be disgraced as a poor investigator. 

To some this may seen as a massive blow, but finally I had proof that the there was more to my parents story then I had previously thought. Now that I knew this I would not stop until I found out the truth. 

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