Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Entry #6 - Growing up.

For some reason, little Connor was obessed with Llamas and when I finally taught him the basics of language, that's all he ever seemed to talk about. Maybe one day I'll buy him one.

Connor loved playing with his space rocket and doing what boy toddlers usually do. I hope he doesn't grow up with the same kind of attributes as me, since being as mean spirited as me normally means ending up with a lot of enemies and not a whole lot of friends. 

From out of know where a Gnome popped out from the toy box and stood there as proud as a button. As quickly as he came he disappeared, this shocked both me and Connor but he quickly resumed playing soon afterwards.  

What Connor did start playing with was a strange but quirky looking toy from his Aunt Patsie. He couldn't get enough of it and we decided to name it Penolope from the Old T.V program: Thunderbirds. He even started singing to it which I thought was really cute.

On a new case, it was horrible leaving Connor with a strange babysitter but I have to make some money since his Dad wont give me a damn penny. I met this nice guy who wasn't to bad looking, he wanted me to hack into his daughters computer since she had become closed off recently. I though that was a bit too snoopy but he seemed nice enough. 

I didn't even have to teach him! He just started walking and I encouraged him along the way.  I'm so lucky to be able to spend these moments with my son, especially when my parents couldn't.

Also I decided to change up my hairstyle a bit. My horoscope said that a change in my life was needed, so this is the small but effective change I've made. 

And BOOM! Its back to black, I really like it. Do you? 

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  1. Nice chapter! I liked her purple hair, but black works too.

    Connor is cute <3