Thursday, 9 February 2012

Entry #5 - Evolution.

I went to sleep happy with the knowledge that I finally had a family. Even though I hadn't found my parents, it was almost as if that desire had been pushed aside by another. My desire to be a caring and loving mother to my child. 

With my baby in my arms I finally felt like I've achieved true happiness. 
This moment couldn't of been improved in any way. 

I fed him..

...played with him..

...and held where ever I went...

...and fed him again, damn this baby was greedy.

Even though I felt extremely protective of him. I took him out for a midnight stroll. Connor gurgled and laughed while he saw the world for the first time. He flailed and wiggled his chubby arms and legs in the air and I couldn't help myself from smiling as I slowly walked around the block. 

It was literally a week after I had my baby and people we're already asking me to solve their cases! The people in their town are just ridiculous, this girl is lucky she hasn't got a hot red mark across her face. Luckily my child was with me and I didn't want him to be affected by my aggression. 

Two days later, it was Connor's birthday. He finally reached child stage. I was a bit sad since, I wouldn't be able to swaddle him or pick him up with such ease. Though I'm glad I get to see how evolves and grows, hopefully his dad will too. 

I watched in pure amazement as a strange but wonderful transformation happened before my eyes. I'll probably understand it, but when us Sims age up magical sparkles float around us. 

After all that excitement, I really needed a drink. VJ (Connor's father) probably put too much alcohol in it. He's slightly childish and he always does silly things like this. I hope he's more mature with our son.

Now at his age he was eating even more food, I hope this doesn't carry on.

I bought Connor some new toys, such a castle oven and a costume box. I decide that connor is ready to be taught a few basic words. He seems to be able to pick it up at a very fast pace. I tried to make him say "mummy" at first, he kept saying "Mama" then quickly went to "mummy".  I had a secret desire for Connor to grow up as a genius, but I knew that would take a lot of time and effort. 


  1. D'awww Connor is so cute!
    I hope her other kids are equally as cute!

  2. Conner is adorable. Nice chapter!

  3. Thanks, four more kids too go!