Thursday, 23 February 2012

Entry #8 - Boom, boom, blam!

Started preparing a Birthday meal for the soon to be arriving guests. It was going to a be a joint party between Connor and VJ and there should be a lot of people coming. I really want to make this special since Connor hasn't had the best of upbringings and I saved a bit of money so that he could have a nice cake. I just hope this house is big enough to fit all these people. 

It seemed Connor didn't want to wait for his cake and instead he shot up in the air with a trail of magical sparkles following him. He twirled and the air and ended up looking a bit older...

...but not wiser. To be honest Connor looked at bit confused, I would even go as far enough to say he looked insane. Maybe I would have to get the boy tested.

The guest started to arrive and the most awkward moment occurred. Connor Frio who I was trying to woo and VJ my current lover came at the same time. Even though they didn't know each other I could feel the tension between them. I was going to have to provide a distraction to split them up.

The perfect distraction, me in labour. The pains were worse than with Connor, the baby felt like it was giant. I was in immense pain and VJ was here to help me through it so it wont be that bad right?

Typical, I'm having the most important moment of my life and half the party is not paying attention to me. Instead their celebrating another year in the life of someone who can't even help his pregnant girlfriend in labour. I keep on wondering what I'm doing with this guy, but something about him keeps pulling me in. 

He grew into an elder with grace. Luckily even with grey hair his still retained his punk look.  


And out it popped. A glorious little parcel sent from above, I felt love for her immediately. 

What the actual fuck? I felt pains again, maybe this was the after-birth coming out. 

This definitely was no placenta, to both me and VJ this was a complete surprise. 
Two perfect children, both a boy and a girl. I decided to name the girl Pinny and the boy Zane.
But my god, two children! Two! One was enough but two more was just more than I can handle. 

Nice to see that VJ is maturing. *Sigh. If he doesn't start pulling his weight, I'm going to drop him.

Challenge notes:- Three kids, two more to go!


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